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Taylor of the Rockies has been helping restaurant owners succeed since 1962.

Let us help you find new revenue for your business with efficient processes, reliable equipment, and unparalleled service.

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The Best Equipment in the Restaurant Industry.


Soft Serve, Frozen Beverages, Grills, and more.

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Crown Grills

Make cooking Easier, Faster, Smarter & Safer 

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Commercial Juicers & Self Serve Fresh Juice Machines.

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Flavor Burst

On-Demand Flavor  Combinations.

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We help you find new revenue.


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Low monthly payments.

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New Equipment

Only the highest quality products on the market

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Reliable equipment and turn-key programs

Better product yields and increased sales

Higher quality product output for your customers’ enjoyment

We offer our personal guarantee

because we carry only the highest quality products on the market.

Professionally Restored

Our professionally trained technicians

are equipped to service all models.

We fix it right the first time.

Refurbished Equipment

We stand behind every product we sell!

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In the Black from Day One!

Profit margins as high as 80% mean equipment paybacks happen almost immediately!

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Means low monthly payments.

Service and support.

Increase cash flow from day 1.

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